Piercings are Addicting!!!!

Right Ear: Outer Helix and Lobe Piercing

Right Ear: Outer Helix and Lobe Piercing

Closer look at Outer Helix

Closer look at Outer Helix

Left Ear: Helix Piercing

Left Ear: Helix Piercing

I was three when I got my lobe piercings. In my final week of High School I celebrated by getting a helix piercing on my left ear. My parents were totally against me piercing anywhere else after I got my helix but, for the past two weeks I had been up in the air as to whether or not I should get another piercing. I have never done anything rebellious in my life so I decided that now would be a pretty good time to start.

I was still hesitant but in a conversation with my mom this week she said ” well your a adult now and you don’t need our permission for anything now.” I took this as a sign from the gods and hastily changed the topic before she could retract the statement ( I should go take a screenshot of that for evidence for future reference).

Anywho, today my friend went to get a tattoo and I tagged along. The first shop we went to was closed (The owner was getting married… Congrats to the new couple). This worked out for the best as I had forgotten my ID at school. I have come to realize you need to take your identification with you everywhere in this country #kultureshocked.

Determined, we stopped at DQ to grab blizzards to boost our moral and headed to school to retrieve my passport. While en route to my college we called around for more tattoo/piercing parlors. We were lucky to have found LoveHate Tattoo who agreed to fit us in for a 3.30 appointment. I retrieved my passport and we were on our way!(Well we got lost a few times but we got there eventually).

My friend headed upstairs to get her tattoo and I stayed downstairs to speak with the piercers. Initially I wanted an Industrial piercing on my left side, right above my helix but they advised me against it because of how my ears are shaped. I started to feel discouraged but I knew if I backed out now I’d probably talk myself out of this piercing. In the midst of my despair, another sign from the gods came. My piercer’s name was Marley. Anyone who’s anyone knows the history I have with that name- My drum’s name is Marley and lets face it, in another life Bob Marley and I will be together.

Then walked me through a few other options that were more fitting for my ears. I decided on an Outer Helix piercing, chose my jewelry and sat waiting patiently for Marley to set up. He finally called me in, walked me through the procedure, picked a spot that was aesthetically pleasing and refused to show me the needle.

Skipping the gory details, it was a quick and relatively painless procedure (never trust my pain ratings I have an interestingly high tolerance 😉 ). I am in love with my new piercing and I have no regrets. I’m pretty sure this won’t be my last because let’s face it… piercings are addicting!!!!

Now I need to find a way to tell my parents…

Songs I listened to while writing (It’s a Bob Marley kind of Day x_x ):

One Drop
Time Will Tell
Waiting In Vain
Satisfy My Soul


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