Being in a new culture and a new environment with new people it’s only natural that I have to learn new names. This semester more than the first two I’ve come to realize how terrible I am at learning and remembering names. I think that’s because I’ve made a conscious decision to interact with more people this school year than I did last year. Last year I was trying to understand the culture to see how best I could fit in. I’ve now given up on that as I have come to realize that I am a Jamaican and we simply cannot/ do not/ shall not fit in (It’s written in the dictionary somewhere) but I digress.

I have this habit of not looking people I’ve just met in the eyes. See the problem yet? No? Well making new friends requires remembering how they look and I can’t remember how they look if I don’t look at them. Wait there’s more! The foolproof strategy I’ve come up with to remember people is to remember their shirt colour. I mean it serves me well for the day but what about when I run into them two days later in the dining hall and Mr. Blue Shirt is in an orange shirt and I can’t remember his name or worse confuse him with Mr. Red Shirt???

On the bright side I’m not a completely hopeless cause… I think. If something happens to Mr. Blue Shirt the day I meet him like we have an interesting conversation about ketchup and I can make a connection to his name then Mr. Blue Shirt becomes Brian and I’ll forever remember his name and if he’s lucky he’ll get a nickname too. Sidenote: I’m really good at nicknames :). It’s a given that if Mr. Blue Shirt is cute I’ll remember his face, maybe not his shirt colour and maybe not his name but a cute face is a cute face. I can’t be the only person that feels this way.

I’ve been rambling on and on about remembering guy names but I’m also bad at girl names x_x. I mean I went to an all girls high school at home so I’m used to talking to girls and I have had lots of practice remembering their names but I’m still pretty bad at it.

Moral of the story: If you’re reading this, and I know you and I’ve never called you by your name… it’s probably because I cannot remember what colour shirt you were wearing when I first met you and I’m truly sorry

New Name by Jah9 because it’s only fitting


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