William had a way with words

I went to a Shakespeare play today; my second one for the semester. There’s a difference between reading the play and seeing it come to life on stage. Although I left at intermission I think I’m gaining an appreciation for the playwright. Hopefully I’ll read more of his works in the future. I came across this Shakespeare quote and wondered just how epic it would be to say it in modern times and just walk away leaving the recipient of this Shakespearean diss baffled. Would they even get the awesomeness that is William? See the quote below

I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I believe you have come unarmed

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Out of my Element

I come from a country where it’s pretty much 32 degrees Celsius (90F) all year round. There is no Spring, no Fall no Winter and technically no Summer (I think… but I failed Geography in High School). We have the rainy season and the dry season. Granted our weather is affected by the weather changes in our neighbouring countries so if it’s snowing in North America we’ll experience a cold front where our days are a little cooler than usual. I don’t know what future global warming holds but in this day and age it will not snow in Jamaica.

The weather in Jamaica is also pretty predictable. If you look outside and it’s grey, chances are it’s going to rain so walk with an umbrella. If you look outside and it’s dark, everywhere then chances are it’s raining somewhere else and if it hasn’t rained where you are, give it a few minutes and it sure as hell will. If you live in Mona, Havendale, on a mountain and other areas surrounded by mountains it’ll rain every day so don’t forget your umbrella ( ok that’s a bit exaggerated but you get the point.) There is one exception to the rule and that is Portmore. This is a city in Jamaica where if the skies are grey it means it’s raining somewhere else. It NEVER rains in Portmore only on special occasions like a hurricane or storm but other than that it never rains.

The point I’m trying to make is the weather in my island home is predictable so I never have to check the weather. Even if I do check the weather the reporters are often wrong ( You’d think that with all the predictability they’d get it right at least once :p). The weather in Jamaica does not find it funny to play with my emotions. Although it never rains until I put my wet clothes on the line to dry I get a fair warning from the darkening clouds that it is about to rain.

That being said, imagine my elation this morning when I woke up to the beautiful sunshine. The heater in my dormitory was on so I briefly thought I was experiencing another surprise day of warmth. I’ve come to realize that with the weird Rochester weather there could be days of cold with a brief day of warmth in between. This in mind I thought it was normal for it to be sunny today even though it was snowing yesterday.Given my trust issues with weather reports I thought the meteorologists got the weekend forecast wrong, it wouldn’t be the first.

I woke up, stretched and looked outside. There was not a cloud in sight! I left the room to brush my teeth and that lasted five minutes tops. HOW THE HELL DID IT START SNOWING BY THE TIME I GOT BACK TO MY ROOM???? So I’m heading to class dressed in boots, a coat, pants, a t-shirt and gloves expecting everyone to be just as dressed up. NOPE! I saw people in simple sweatshirts and no gloves. Were they trying to prove a point or something or were they really not cold? My fingers were still cold with the gloves on so they had to be on the verge of hypothermia!

After my first class I put my gloves on and start heading back to my room. My classmate was super surprised that I need gloves for the three minute walk to my room. That’s when I realized that I’d never get used to the cold. This is my second winter and I’m more afraid of the cold than I was last year.



Fear | What are you afraid of ?

So inspiratinal :’)

Loud Thoughts Voiced Out

We all have things we’re afraid of : Spiders, Cockroaches, Dogs.. I’m most afraid of lizards and snakes. When I see a lizard around the house, I feel like my worst nightmare has come true. I run from that room. But is that really true? Are lizards, snakes, spiders, cats and dogs really our biggest fear?

There is something in us that is more emotional than those. A fear that only we know. That only we understand. A fear that surfaces every time we try something new. Every time we take a leap of faith. Mine is Rejection & Failure. When I like someone, I want to tell him. When I do, I clench my fists, praying he won’t say no. It’s not that I can’t take it if he does. I can. But somehow, I pray he won’t. I’m afraid of the “No”. I’m afraid to apply for…

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Let’s go Trojans!

My weekend adventures continued on Friday. If there’s anything I’ve learnt about Rochester is that the weather is unpredictable. That is why when the weather report said expect snow I called BS. I don’t know why but since it hadn’t snowed yet for the semester I had deluded myself into thinking that maybe, just maybe it would forget to snow this year.

It didn’t forget. Friday morning at 11.25 am as I sat in my class gazing out the window waiting for my teacher to arrive I saw the first sign of the dreaded snow. Granted it was mixed with the rain that was already falling but its presence was unmistakable. Before I could stop myself I screamed Noooooooooo and flew to the window in true melodramatic fashion. Safe to say I spent the rest of the day using the tunnels to maneuver from building to building.

I concluded the day by going to my second American Football game. I’m still baffled as to why its call that when you use your foot with the ball like three times- kick off, punting the ball ( is that the continuous form of punt??? Is the word even punt?) and kicking it through the giant pitch fork. Like I said this was my second time watching the sport but I can proudly say I’m learning the rules. I still can’t figure out what all those bloody numbers are about but I get the basics… I think.

I’m sorry but having your team name be ‘Trojans’ is a very unfortunate thing. There were dirty jokes aplenty. “Come on Trojans, don’t let them get in!” my friend said before her words trailed off into silence and her eyes opened wide as it dawned on her what she had said.

I don’t know if it’s a Jamaican thing or just a me thing, but I really get into sports when I’m watching them. It is almost expected that I will lose my voice. I got really into the game, I sat out in the cold and my fingers and toes were so numb they hurt despite the fact that I was wearing boots and gloves. My best efforts to cheer for the team I had adopted were in vain as they still lost. I heard people saying how unfair the referee was being but I don’t know enough about the game to be hounding the ref yet.

All in all it was a great experience 🙂




I’ve had quite the weekend and although I have a pile of home work that makes Mount Everest look minuscule I thought I’d put pen to paper (or fingers to keys) and write about it. Yes I know in some parts of the world that’s considered procrastinating but who cares.

I’d like to say my weekend stated on Thursday November 6th. For my American Sign Language class we are required to attend three events put on my the Deaf Community. So Thursday night another international student and myself took ourselves to the University of Rochester to attend their Sign Idol. Sign Idol is basically American Idol in sign language with nicer judges.

Now I’m not too sure what was more fun, getting to the event of the actual event. Like I said we were both international students and my friend learnt to drive about 3 months ago. I’m not too sure how things are where she’s from but in Jamaica we drive on the left so I commend her on her bravery.

Anywho so before we left campus I researched the address of the university, took a screenshot of it on my phone and that is the address I typed into the GPS. You can imagine my surprise when we arrived at 180 something-Grass drive only to discover we were at some Breast Clinic ( you can’t make this stuff up). We still had 10 minutes to get to our destination so I typed in University of Rochester, mentally kicking myself for not doing this the first time, and selected the first option to pop up. We entered a parking lot and looked vigilantly for some sign that said university of Rochester. A few seconds later we saw one a breathed a sigh of relief

That was until we realized it was way too quiet to be a university campus so we followed the first car we found and asked for help. Only the lord knew where we were but the gentleman in the U of R bus we followed gave us directions to the actual campus. We made our way to the real campus and it started raining.

So we hopped out of the car and asked for directions to the Hirscht lounge (pretty sure I spelt that wrong). A lovely lady pointed us in the direction of the nearest building and we hurried there out of the rain. She lied. We asked the people in that building where we were supposed to be and the pointed us two buildings away. We continued the journey until we saw another student and asked him for directions.

Now let me tell you about this student. if you opened the dictionary and looked for the word “fine” he would pop up. Okay back to the story he was heading in the same direction-ish as we were and he kept the conversation going as we walked in the rain. (U of R tour guide boy, if your reading this leave a comment.. jk…maybe not… who knows really…)

We finally made our way to the Hirscht Lounge. I probably should have taken a picture but… I’m really bad at remembering to take pictures . It’s like a really big room with a whole bunch of flags suspended from the ceiling. Right there in the front row was the green gold and black Jamaican flag ( Yes I checked, I always check).

So the show was great. Saw students sign to Shake it Off, The Time Warp, Imagine, Battle Scars and All about that Bass to name a few. All about that Bass was theeeeee highlight of my night. I loved her stage presence and one of the judges comments was ” you managed to make an already dirty song even dirtier”. Loved the show loved the experience.

Stay tuned for more.



Hey Dream Reader, Spend a lil time with me~

I know I’m late but you can blame it on my college lifestyle. The Blogging 101 assignment for whatever day it was was to write to our dream reader. I’m now realizing that this is much harder than I originally thought it would be…. I go it!

My dream reader at this point in time is a college student like myself. Whether you’re an international student or an adult returning to college as long as your in college this blog is for you. College students share the same struggles as we learn to be our own people and dare I say it take the leap into adulthood. We’ll make mistakes and learn along the way. We’ll learn to laugh at ourselves as we see that we aren’t the only lunatics out there. We make new friends and drift away from old ones. I’m writing my struggles and accomplishments so you can know you’re not alone. Worst case scenario you get a chuckle from the situations I find myself in. Thanks for stopping by.

Feel free to share your own experiences in the comments section- I’d love to hear about them.



IGL Challenge

So I’m entering in 876 Lover’s IGL Challenge. Basically you put you iPod on shuffle and pick lyrics from the first song that plays and write either a story or a poem. You can click the link for more details. So here goes nothing 🙂

Song: Heaven Knows – Tessanne Chin

Lyrics: When I try to explain all the words don’t come out. ‘Cause you leave me speechless somehow”



nowadays, I believe some things,

are just meant to be;

the weather, sunrise, sunset,

You and me.

And we’d be together too

you can bet,

if the words in my mind

would grow wings

and somehow find

their way to you.

But that hasn’t happened yet.

And you’re probably getting tired

of waiting

But when it’s you, I’m facing

I just can’t say…

Yup that’s it :$, thanks for reading, take the challenge


Well Hello There :)

I’m completely new to this whole blogging experience so I signed up for Blogging 101 and this is my first assignment.

I’m Alexia and I’m a 19 year old proud Jamaica. I’m an International Student studying Communication Sciences and Disorders with a minor in Pre-Audiology in New York. I started blogging because I wanted to be able to look back at the crazy moments I’ve experienced and still be able to remember what I did, why I did it and how it felt. I also wanted to be able to look back on these moments and see how much I’ve grown because of them.

For the life of me I have no clue why I’ve decided to make this blog a public thing. Probably it’s the comfort of knowing I’m not the only one in this world crazy enough to think about things and view life the way that I do.

In person I have a habit of blurting whatever comes to mind. This is a quality that I’d like to transfer to my blog. Words when spoken cannot be taken back so my goal for this blog is to take whatever I would say in one of my rants and put it in a more diplomatic way.

I’d like to share my thoughts, interests and personality with whoever might want to read my blog. As I have said in my About section I am in love with music. I would like to use my blog as a way to share great musical talent with others as well as to discover great music. I’d like to talk about concerts and other performances that I experience whether they are in Jamaica or in the US. I have also been a member of the Natural Hair Community for an entire year so I will also be sharing my discovers, strengths, weaknesses, achievements and set backs in my Natural Hair Journey (Ponytail length is the dream right now). I’d also love to share about my beautiful island of Jamaica (the good and the bad).

Thanks for reading,

-Kulture Shocked