The Journey to Reggae Mountain

Okay I’ve been out and about very regularly since coming home so there’s lots to talk about. The first event I had been to since coming home was Kelissa Live. I got home on December 12, 2014 and this event was on the 13th. Like I’ve said time and time again I’m very serious about Reggae music. This is why even though I spent the entire Friday either on a plane or at the gate waiting, sleep had to be sacrificed in order to see Kelissa’s set at Levels.

This concert was on Reggae Mountain. I’ve been to Reggae Mountain before but either because I wasn’t late this time or because it wasn’t as crowded as the last time I think I enjoyed this experience better than the last one. The last time I attended a concert there I went with my fellow reggae activist Rashida and we saw Chronixx perform. Check out her blog to see how that went. Now you might be asking what is this Reggae Mountain. I’m not 100% sure if that is like the official name you would see on a map or just a nickname but it does sound much cooler then Skyline Drive which is the name of the road that leads to the venue. My friends, Reggae Mountain is the place where if you die, you will be met by the great Reggae Legends such as my hubby, Bob Marley; The Crown Prince of Reggae, Dennis Brown; Garnett Silk and Bunny Rugz to name a few. The journey there was breath taking. I’m still trying to decide if that was because of how incredibly steep the roads were, the ridiculous 270 degree turns, the way one had to maneuver the narrow roads as speeding motorists charged down the hill without care since they had every turn memorized or the fact that one could see a panoramic view of Kingston, Jamaica.

The tickets were $700 with a Student Id. and $1000 otherwise. It was definitely worth every cent. Granted I was very hesitant to attend because I only knew like five Kelissa songs but I’m glad I brushed those thoughts aside. Her outfit was stunning (Kelissa if you ever read this introduce me to your clothing store, thank you). This woman started on such a high note (excuse the pun) and it only got better and better as the night progressed. I should probaby try writing about these events as soon as they happen because I have forgotten some stuff.

If you have ever been to an event put on by any member of the Reggae Revival (a group of young Jamaican musicians who have added a new and welcomed spunk to the reggae music we all know and love) you will know that you will not only be Edutained ( entertainment that educates) by the person who headlines the concert. I have discovered that the group of artistes is a very supportive one so if you go to a Jesse Royal concert there is a chance that you will see Chronixx or Jah9 or Protoje. It just depends on who is on tour. This is one of the most admirable qualities of the Revivalists. Consequently I was able to see snippets from Runkus, Dre Island, Jesse Royal and Kabaka Pyramid. She closed the night by singing with her brother and fellow Reggae Revivalist Keznamdi.

Being a Reggae concert, the beliefs of the Rastafari culture were expressed. Food was provided by an I’tal (no meat and little or no salt) business called Veggie Meals on Wheels. Chakula, the owner of the venue and father of Kelissa, also had a little shop where beverages could be purchased including beers, soft drinks and a variety of fresh and natural fruit juices.

That’s basically how the night went. I had a great time with great people listening to great music at an amazing location. I’m terrible at remembering to take pictures so check Shida’s account of the night for pics 🙂

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