Burning Down the House

The promt for today from the Daily Post is :

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?

This is much harder than I thought. If i were in Jamaica, the list of things I’d grab are pretty much the same things I’d grab if I were at school so I’ll just make on list.

1) My Phone. I’m not ashamed to say I’m addicted to my phone, but who isn’t these days

2) My computer 90% of my music is on my laptop and I cannot survive for very long without my music

3)My Analog Music Collection. Yes I still own CDs and yes I still willingly go out and buy CDs in this digital age. Like I don’t know, there’s just something about owning a CD. I appreciate the creativity musicians and their teams put into making album covers and track lists. Even more shocking is that I have a little but ever growing vinyl collection and I’d hate to see that perish. I don’t have a record player yet but I’ll get there eventually (My Birthday is in August if you’re feeling kind)

4) My Posters (I only have these at school. I’m cheating a bit with this one but I have four posters that mean the world to me and I’d much rather not lose any of them. Three of them are of Bob Marley (My husband) and one is a representation of my love for music. Now you may be saying why the hell does she have 3 Bob Marley posters. I’m not crazy – maybe a little- but those three posters were gifts from people who know about the special relationship I have with Robert ( yes, we are on a first name basis).

5) My passport. My passport has my visa which I need to get back to school or go home The line at the Embassy is super long and the process is something I wouldn’t want to endure more than is necessary.

That’s it for now 🙂



What’s Real?

Sometimes I wonder
Am I real?
Or am I just the pawn 
of a god who does what he feels?
Am I a character in a story
while he holds the pen
And decides
what happens to who,
where it happens and when.
Or is it all left to chance
And luck?
And the Big Guy up there
Doesn’t give
A hoot .


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I’ve been having trouble sleeping the past few nights and this is the end result.


I woke up
Searching for Something.
Something wasn’t mine.
Something didnt belong to me
but I thought Something was going to stay.

I realise now that
that urge,
my yearning for Something
will soon fade away,
leaving something else in its place.

something I cannot see,
something I cannot touch,
something I feel.
And deep down I know
this is the way it was
meant to go.
The rain will fall
and it will continue to snow,
and I will learn
To let somethings go

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Live for Today

Music is a hell of a thing. I was about to take a nap ( as a college student when napping opportunities present themselves, you take them) when I received a link to a song I had been waiting on to be released. After listening to it the third of fourth time all thoughts of sleep had left my mind and I knew I had to write about it. A song like this needs to be shared. I might be biased because these are two members of the Reggae Revival but this song gave me goosebumps.

In 2013 Kelissa and Keznamdi Mcdonald released their inspirational song Gideon and today, a little under two years later the sibling duo is back at it. When I went to Kelissa Live late last year they did a preview of the song and I knew it was going to be good but when I heard it today it was nothing like I had imagined. The song was produced by Walshy Fire and he along with Kelissa and Keznamdi  outdid themselves. Anywho nothing I say can sum up this song so here’s a link. Enjoy!

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A Musical Relationship

I felt really creative today and this sort of came to me so enjoy!

That bassline
sends chills down my spine,
clears my mind,
erases my fears,
dries my tears,
or makes them fall.
But that’s not all.

The drums kick in,
creating a rhythm
that makes my head spin.
I am weak.
I give in,
to the call of the percussion.
I cant resist,
I dont want to.

Vocals soon follow
and I lose it.
The rise, the fall, the swell,
I cling to every word said
and still I want more.

Now we’re at the end
and the steady rhythm starts to fade.
The last note cuts like a blade,
but I still want more


The Thing About Boys

I have finally accepted the fact that I just don’t have any luck with men. I know what you’re saying: “You’re just nineteen you don’t know what you’re talking about”. Maybe you’re right but I’m waiting for a guy that will be different. This is the typical flow of the conversations I have with my friend Shida (876LoveR) after being approached by or approaching a new guy. I know for a fact that I’m incredibly picky so I thought maybe that was my problem but Shida has some of the same problems I have! Is it that we’re friends because of our taste in guys or is it our standards or are all guys the same? So we decided to do this feature blog thing to rant and see if anyone feels the same way or is completely against our way of thinking. You can see her post here. Let’s begin shall we?

First Impressions Last

Something as little as the way a guy approaches me can be the biggest turn off. If I’ve never seen you before and you randomly send me a friend request on Facebook and I magically accept it why would you start the conversation with “Hey Bbz” ??? I am sorry but I am not your babe. Like I said I’m picky but seriously I don’t feel respected if the first thing he calls me is ‘Bbz’. For starters the least you could do is spell out babes, not that it makes it any better but it would show some effort. I’m also a little old school so I feel terms or endearment are earned but that’s just me.

No means No

So I’ve accepted your friend request on Facebook where I’ve posted pictures of myself for the past six or so years. I have the good the bad and the ugly (puberty was kind) right there just a few clicks away. Why then would you ask me to send you a picture? What do you mean by ‘Can you send me a sexy pic’? I just met you so why would you ask me to send you nudes? When I say no why are you asking me questions? No means NO. Not only do I find your questions ridiculous and annoying but your killing my interest in you with every question you ask. (Sidenote: does the fact that guys ask this mean that there are girls out there who say yes instantly?)

Pet Peeve

I think this is just a Lexxi thing but I think this is the most cliched line in the history of cliched lines and it really makes me grind my teeth. I’ll be talking to a guy and things are going well and I’m really liking his vibe but more often than not they drop this line and I’m just like NOOOOOOOO (arms dramatically outstretched). The line exists in multiple forms and is supposed to be a subtle way of checking if your single and I have no clue why I hate it so much but I do. Some examples are: ” What does your boyfriend think about you talking to me?” or “How is your boyfriend?” or “Your boyfriend is so lucky”. I really don’t mind if you just say; “hey, do you have a boyfriend?”


The Availability Issue

I’m not too sure if it’s a Jamaican man thing or if it’s universal but it’s like when you’re single the world and his wife would like to get into your knickers but the day you become available the boys that were climbing out of your mango tree are nowhere to be found.

Like I said though I’m very choosy so it’s probably just me. In other words I’ll probably be single until someone invents a build a boyfriend. Feel free to leave your comments below! 🙂