Blogging 101

Today’s assignment was to create a posting feature. It’s a tie between  a music feature and a quotes feature. A poetry feature would be cool… but I know I cant push out a poem that regularly. I’ll think about it some more and start next week.

That being said…. I think I made it through Blogging U!!!!



Weekly Doodle: Sun!


The word for today is sun. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt is that in the winter, the sun is a lie. It was beautifully sunny outside today. That didn’t stop it from being cold >.> I did this doodle while I was at work waiting for time to pass.

Sidenote: I’m yet to build a snowman

Feel free to join in the fun!



Forgive me Father, for I have Sinned

I never understood how I was born a sinner,
or why I had to tell my inner
thoughts, to another sinner
who apparently, sinned less than me.

I never understood how I, a born sinner,
was less of a sinner,
than another sinner
who, according to you, sinned differently.

I never understood how all of this sinner’s
sins, were forgiven by one powerful being,
when all my fellow sinners,
find it hard to forgive one sin by some other sinner

I do understand however, that there’s something wrong
with our definition of right and wrong,
the hierarchy of sin and sinner,
the difference between different enough and enough difference
and the web that weaves them all together.


Jammed in the Bandroom

Blogging 101- Writing in a different style.

“The concert is next week and I’m begging you guys, please practice over the weekend!” Ms. Nelson yelled at the members of the band as they raced for the door.

As usual they all left their instruments scattered around the room. Everyone wanted to play for the band but no one wanted the responsibility of returning the instruments to the equipment room. That responsibility always somehow landed on Joshua’s shoulders. He was the president of the school band and he knew that if the room wasn’t reorganized after practice he would have another meeting with Ms. Rhone, the Head of the Performing Arts Department, and those meetings were to be avoided at all cost.

I started returning the desks and chairs to their rightful positions as he carried two guitars to the equipment room. This is how it was every Friday. He’d carry the heavy things and I would steal a glance at him while he wasn’t looking. His muscles were tense and his merino would cling to his body after our intense rehearsal. I would carry the lighter things like the keyboard stand or percussion box. Occasionally I would pick up an Amp only to have him stand in front of me to block my path. He would then outstretch his hand, flash a smile that would leave me brain dead and I would hand him the Amp in a trance. I think I did this once every week just to see his smile. We worked in silence carrying instrument after instrument until only the drum set was left out. I moved towards the Hi-hat but he stopped me.

“Nah, Zara, you can leave that out. I want to practice some more.” Joshua said from behind me.

He had to be tired but I knew better than anyone else; you should never get between a musician and their instrument. I decided to just leave him be so I grabbed my bag and headed for the door.

“Thanks for the help Zara.” I could feel his gaze on me so I took a deep breath, turned and said “I’m sure I wasn’t much help but no prob. I’ll see you next week!” while mentally kicking myself for speaking too quickly. Nerves. He makes me nervous. This is why I make it my duty not to talk to him. I marched to the door to make a quick escape but the door wouldn’t budge. I took a few steps back and charged at the door making an oof sound on impact. I turned around to see Joshua fighting back laughter.

“Laugh all you want but I think we’re stuck here.”

He smirked at me from behind the drum set. He got up and tried turning the nob a few times.

“Ms. Rhhooone.” He groaned while kicking the door three times. It was my turn to laugh. That was until he told me this was sort of a Friday evening ritual. He’d get locked in the band room all the time and have to wait until around 6.30 for the caretaker to free him. I reached into my skirt pocket for my phone. I wasnt getting home for now so I sent mommy a quick message explaining what was happening before my battery died.

Joshua had returned to his seat behind the drum and started absentmindedly playing the bass to a slow pulse. I stared at him with my head tilted to the side. I started from his dark short curly hair which was the perfect contrast to his light brown skin tone. I made my way down to his eyes. Those eyes that never seemed to come alive unless he had drum sticks in his hands. His chiseled nose down to his pink lips…

“What are you thinking about?”

I raised my eyebrow to buy time. Even I knew ‘your lips’ wouldn’t have been an appropriate answer.

“Come on Zara, I’m normally locked in here by myself, today there’s a beautiful girl in here with me. You have to talk.” he pleaded.

My tummy flipped but I tried my best to play it cool. We were stuck in here for at least another hour and I did not want to make it awkward.

“How long have you been playing for? I asked and we launched into a conversation about everything and nothing. We talked about music, tv shows, school, our favourite colours, our dreams, our hopes and our fears. It all came so naturally too. Everything was going well. That was until my stomach decided it was time to start communicating with the aliens.

“Oh my gosh, shut up!” I begged my stomach. It all happened so quickly. Joshua let out a booming laugh that shook the whole room. Then I started laughing at him laughing. The laughter stopped as quickly as it began. A thick silence taking its place. When did he get so close? He held my gaze but my eyes couldn’t help but flicker to his lips. He noticed. My heart pounded. I could hear my pulse in my ears. I could feel the warmth rising in my cheeks. I closed my eyes because I knew what would come next. Well I thought I did.

“Hey Josh are you in there?” called a voice from the other side of the door and for the second time today, Joshua groaned “Ms. Rhooooone.” Apparently she forgot something in her office and came back to school for it. She heard us laughing and decided to check what was happening.

Embarrassed I grabbed my bag and ran out of the room as soon as the door opened. What can I say?He still makes me nervous, but I think I like it.


I Blame Technology!

Blogging 101 Assignment : Make a Daily Prompt Personal

If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.

I’m a 90s baby and although we had some technology we never neglected the outdoors. I’d like to think we spent half of our days outside and the other half inside. I spent a good part of my life without a computer, without a cell phone and without gaming devices. It’s funny how now I cannot imagine living without these items but back in the day I did just fine. I rode my bike, I skipped, I Hula-Hooped, I gardened. I went outside for going outside’s sake. Now I only go outside when it’s absolutely necessary.

I blame technology. My generation would much rather stare at a screen for hours than experience the tranquility of nature. They’ve made treadmills that mock the terrain of the outdoors so we don’t have to go outside. Social Media has taken away the joy of walking next door to speak with the neighbours. Come On! Then we wonder why we have so many cases of illnesses like asthma and obesity.

I’m not saying we should all live in tree houses and hunt for our meals. I’m not saying we should go back to the days of smoke signals and going everywhere by foot. What I’m saying is we should spend some time away from technology. Avoid social media for a day. Climb a tree. Go for a walk. Go to the beach. Plant a tree. Do something where you don’t have to press a button… or tap a screen.