Weekly Doodle : Green

the word for the week was ‘Green’ and since Wednesday was Earth Day… I drew a recycling bin. GO GREEN!


Once again rotating the image just isn’t working out


What You Need Thursdays

This past academic school year the name Hemingway came up on several occasions. Each time the name surfaced, I made a promise to read some of his work. Let’s just say procrastination is a hell of a thing. I sat in bed trying to figure out what you would need for this Thursday and decided it was time I fulfilled my promise. After doing a little research I am pleased to say this Hemingway guy is a poetic genius isn’t too bad .

I chose this poem because after a lousy week of work, it provides some “backative” (Jamaican word for support; especially in a fight. Kind of like ‘back up’) for our rants about our bosses or the pile of work on our desks or the endless rules put in place but no one knows why or whatever. Enjoy!

The Age Demanded
Ernest Hemingway
The age demanded that we sing
And cut away our tongue.
The age demanded that we flow
And hammered in the bung.
The age demanded that we dance
And jammed us into iron pants.
And in the end the age was handed
The sort of shit that it demanded.

What You Need Thursdays

Recently my love for India Arie has been rekindled and continues to grow. I found this not-new-but-new-to-me song by her called Flowers. The maker of the video started it with this beautiful quote and i couldn’t keep it to myself.

A bit about the song

At one of her concerts India said the song was inspired by a gospel saying something to the effect that we put bouquets of flowers on a coffin, but what happened to when they were alive. I’ll post the song below, I think most people can relate to the music and the song has an Indian (I’m not very technical x_x) feel too it and when u smush the lyrics and the melody with India’s voice it’s magical!

The quote

Someday, everything will make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.

Hope these were just the words you were looking for!


For a Friend

My friend was going through a rough time and her way of dealing with emotions is to bottle them up. I wanted so much to tell her she didn’t have to go the journey alone but all our conversations ended with more tension than they started. At the rate we were going I feared erupting and saying something that would permanently damage our friendship. Somehow I turned that anger into creativity and ended up with a poem she knows nothing about… and probably never will.

For a Friend

You obviously have demons
I know nothing about.
So I’ll sit and watch them eat at you
from the inside out.
And when you start to fall apart
I’ll mend the pieces of your broken heart
Be it Elmer, Patex or Crazy Glue,
I’ll use them all because I love you.