What You Need Thursdays!

Here’s another song for you lovely people :). This one goes out to anyone with an evil boss, ex, friend or unrequited love story. In fact I’m sure anyone can relate to this song. I have the clean and unclean versions below. Guess which one is my favourite!



What You Needed Thursday

My sincerest apologies to the lovely people who take time out to read my blog. I started my summer job this week and I haven’t found my rhythm as yet ( I’m starting to think it’s broken :'(). Without further ado, here is what you would have needed yesterday loool.


Thanks for stopping by!



feel your breath

Love love love thiss!!!


I cannot forget my heart,
I cannot forget my soul,
I cannot forget my dreams,
This paper my kiss
This pen my caresses
These words my passion
Trace your fingers across this missive
That I might imagine your touch
Keep these words under your pillow
That we share the night
Ponder hidden meanings
Wish for that you desire
Close your eyes
Breathe softy across this paper
I might feel your breath

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You Take My Breath Away

Take a deep breath
Hold it
I just want you to feel the way I do
Everytime I see you.
No, don’t exhale.
Feel that?
The panic sets in as I try to find the right words to open your heart’s door
Heart rate increases
You have it easy.
If you held it long enough,  you’d be at my third symptom-
I breathe deeper and longer, letting air fill the spaces left by words unsaid


Just Like Animals

I wish I were a tree;
Able to stay firmly rooted
Despite the whispers of the wind.

I wish I were a snake;
Able to shake off the negativity
Just as I would skin.

I wish I were a monkey;
Able to swing and climb over obstacles
from tree to tree and limb to limb.

I wish I were a bird;
Able to soar at great heights
And see where one river ends and the next begins.

I wish I were a dog;
Able to sniff out the real from the fake
And run far from danger.

But I’m just a human.
The weakest and most dimwitted
creature of them all.


What You Need Thursday

I have two songs for you this week! The first is Life We Live by Jah Cure. I’ve had this song on repeat for the entire week. It has a nice steady relaxing riddim (rhythm) driven by a solid baseline and I’m all about the bass. The lyrics are also very uplifting with a message to “love the life we live”. Put that all together with a Bob Marley reference and what’s not to love? Check out the cutesy music video below!

The second song is All This Love by Debarge. The story behind this song is I heard someone singing it last week and it was stuck in my head for the entire day. The very next day, I forgot everything about the song except that I liked it. I couldn’t remember the lyrics, I didn’t know who sang it. I had nothing. I searched high and low. I found nothing. Yesterday, exactly one week later, I was listening to the radio and I kid you not the song started playing. We were reunited :3. I know this is the song someone needs to hear today so here you go!