More Than Words

Love love love this!


I’d rather be the rhythm than the lyrics
I’d rather be the paper than the ink
I’d rather be the ears than the tongue
I’d rather be the photo than the caption

Recognise me through my deeds
Rather than my vows
Identify me with my smile
Not my prayer
May my utterances
Be overpowered by my expressions
Pay little attention to my language
For all the poetry I have penned
And will ever write
I want to be more than my words
More than words…

I’d Rather Be…
Thank you Sreejit! Superb inspiration)

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World’s Dumbest Criminal

There I was, minding my business.
When you came along.
There were no chains
No padlocks there.
No fear of being hurt
Again and again.
So then, sir- if you don’t mind me asking,
Why did you see the need to steal my heart?
I was doing just fine until you came along
With your smooth song,
confident airs and
no fear of the unknown.
No sir, in fact you loved it.
You taught me to love it.
You took me on your adventures to Neverland.
I thought they’d never end.
We were soaring and I thought we’d never land.
But we soon came crashing down.
No parahute.
The tighter I held you, the further you’d drift away.
And you drifted away.
We drifted away.
And now, the cold sets in quickly on the spot where you rested
…or did the warmth just fade away.
Was it ever there?
I got too comfortable too quickly.
In love with the thought of having you
and still you left just as quickly as you came in the start.
Why, good sir, did you see the need to steal my heart?


Yes Grandma

Growing up, my mom always told me that after the kettle starts boiling I should leave it for a few more minutes.  I never asked why, but since mommy said it, I always did it.

Yesterday I had my head rested in mummy’s lap as she played in my hair while waiting for the kettle to boil. Just as I was drifting to sleep the kettle started to whistle and mommy did everything short of pushing me out of her lap in an attempt to get up to make her tea.

I was comfortable and refused to budge. I silenced her by saying. “You said to let the kettle boil a while before turning off the stove”

She laughed and said “cock mout ketch cock”


That was a new one for me and I knew I had to share.

Translation : the cock’s (male chicken) mouth caught the cock (male chicken)

Meaning : What a person says in the past may come back to haunt that person in the near or distant future.

Let me know what you think!