Yes Grandma!

Wanty wanty nuh get i’ and getty getty nuh want i’

Translation: Those who want it the most won’t get it and those who get it in abundance won’t want it/ appreciate it.

If you have ever been in a position where you watched someone waste something knowing in your heart that if you had half of what they did you would put it to better use, then this is an expression for you. This saying pretty common  in Jamaica. There is even a song about it.

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What You Need Thursday: Crabs in a Barrel

Isn’t it funny how the world has become a barrel and humans like, crabs?
For one to reach the top another one has to drop and no one gives a damn.

It’s time we revolt. Yes rEVOLt, such a lovely word.
It’s backwards, but that’s okay’Cause we have this thing in reverse.
Pulling each other down will only make it worse.
For us to move forward,we have to remove all this hate.
There is no time to waste.


What You Need Thursday : Lights, Camera, Action!

I consider myself a bit of a perfectionist and I beat myself up for making mistakes. Below are the words I recite whenever I realise I’m being too hard on myself. I’m not too sure if I came up with it or if I read it somewhere and it stuck in my subconscious or both but these are words I think everyone can live by.

The years of our youth are just the rehearsals,  so fail big. Fail as many times as you want. Fail hard before the curtain opens for the big show


Dream Big Part 2

I previously posted about my desire to eventually open a Music Store in Jamaica. I then used that dream as inspiration for my weekly doodle. Now I’m going to give you an update. Below is a list of the names I’ve come up with so far

  • The Drum – This would be a fitting name because I’m a drummer. Drums play a significant role culturally and spiritually in Jamaica and I hold them near and dear to my heart. The main drawback is I don’t want to give the impression that we only stock drums. I want my store to be the go to place for all things music.
  • Bare Riddims– I’m a bit of a pun nerd so naturally this came to mind. Riddims is a Jamaican word for rhythms and the pun would be on the word ‘bare’. Bare meaning ‘naked’ and Bare meaning ‘a whole lot of’ (I’m not sure if that’s a strictly Jamaican word use… I’m becoming more and more aware of words I thought were universal in meaning being strictly Jamaican but more on that later). In essence this name would reflect what I want the store to be about; music in its rawest form. LET LIVE MUSIC LIVE!
  • Blare Riddims– Another pun, go figure lol. This would be a pun on my last name, Blair and Blare meaning to play loudly. I’m not too sure I want to go the route of naming my store after myself but the thought came to my mind so I wrote it down

Which name do you prefer? I’m leaning towards Bare Riddims!



The Post I Never Meant to Publish

Warning! Below is a passage of useless information, feel free to waste 3 minutes of your time though. Did this passage a few months ago and it’s been in my drafts taking up space. Why not post it?

Im at work….. doing nothing but refreshing my inbox just in case I got an email in the little time gone by. I haven’t gotten an email but with each click of the button a minute should have passed but it seems time has frozen since I checked last.
Oh my god an email! Unimportant 😦 just a message from some company that wants my money. But I want my money so if you find my money let it know ive been searching for it high and low.
Interesting fact two men just walked in. No hi no hello. See I grew with my grandmother and if I did that and she knew she’d wack me not one time but two!
Two more emails, im popular today.  Three women just entered said hi and walked away. Now it’s twelve ‘o’ eight now I have 82 minutes left to wait.
I’ve already been to the mailroom twice if the time would fly faster, that would be nice. Now this is getting much longer than I’d hoped but I won’t aplogize; it’s helping me cope.
My tummy has started speaking so now im hungry too. Hunger is much more difficult when you have nothing to do. Just took a sip of water and felt the chill go down. Now I’m staring at the door outside its the colour brown.
Well I think it’s time I put this to an end
Hmmm… maybe I’ll go get the mail again!