Sweet Jamaica

Here is yet another post that got lost in my drafts. It should have been posted four months ago… Sorry about that x_x. It gives a round up of my first week home.

It’s been exactly a week since I’ve arrived in my beautiful island home and I’ve already started to neglect my blog. I’m a terrible person. Let’s get you all caught up shall we?

Last week Tuesday at 6:10 pm I landed in Sweet Jamdung, practically ran off the plane so I could be first in line at immigration ( I was third, not bad considering how short my legs are ;). Then I waited for hours  for my bags at the carousel, joined a freakishly long line to get through good old customs then proceeded to the doors. I stepped out of the air conditioning into the warmth I missed so much ( what was I thinking?). My parents spotted me and we made our way to the car but not before stopping by the Jellyman to get an ice cold coconut! Sidenote: never leave the airport without a coconut!

My mom carried me dinner because she knows me that well. I left Rochester at 12 got to Atlanta at 2 and got home at 6 and she knows when I’m too excited I don’t really eat anything so it has become a tradition that she meets me at the airport with some bikkle (Jamaican word for food, derived from the word victuals). Several months in advance I requested pumpkin, yellow yam, boil dumpling, pak choi, and meatballs, seasoned with Jamaican spices. She laughed at the menu at the time but that is exactly what I wanted and it did slap weh (it was amazing).

The following day it was time to start the meet and greeting. I hadn’t seen my family and friends for the past four months and I had to change that asap. I started the day with some fruits. Otaheiti Apples and a variety of Mangoes are in season right about now so I’ve been enjoying the taste of Jamaica. Then I went to meet up with my drumming teacher from high school. She is a part of a cultural movement so I got to drum with some Rastas. We sat under a bamboo hut and the salty sea breeze kept us cool and carried our drum rhythms into the distance. Mommy picked me up at 4 and took me home while en route I texted my friend Rashida and we made plans to meet in the next hour.

When I got home I packed my bag and daddy took me to meet Shida. I was late. I got better at being on time when I was at school but It’s like being on Jamaican soil brought back the late character trait. Shida and I eventually made our way to her drumming rehearsals where I listened to some very talented musicians play different drums.

On Thursday mommy and I made our way to Grandma’s house for food. If you haven’t noticed yet, food is not just sustenance in Jamaica; it’s a way of life! Grandma gave me specific instructions to call her when we left our house and I complied. Turns out she did that to time when she would fry the sweet potato and ripe plantain! Granny outdid herself!!!. She also made me Gungo rice and peas, stewed pork and lettuce and tomato! My gosh! If that wasn’t enough she made me like two litres of SORREL!!! ( the best drink known to man, made from the sorrel plant and is flavoured with ginger and sugar. Sorrel is typically made during the Christmas season but If I get it in the Summer I’m not gonna say no. We ate and chilled and chatted for a while, then mommy and I rolled home.

Friday was my friend Denni’s birthday so Shida and I made him cupcakes. Thursday evening Shida came to my house and we made some reggae inspired cupcakes 🙂 Look out for our store in a couple of years!  Fast forward an hour and thirty minutes, I got dressed and we walked over to Shida’s house ( As luck would have it we went to the same school, became besties and found out we were practically neighbours). I waited for her to get dressed then her mom took us to Hot Shots, a pool and billiards bar. We watched her ‘friend’ 😉 play pool and tried and failed at, a game of our own. There may or may not have been alcohol involved lol. We got home at… 1?

I knocked out and woke up at 6.30 Jamaica time, 7.30 Rochester time, the time I typically wake up for school. I’m still trying to fix that. On Friday I had a play date with mommy. I followed her to work and then, you guessed it, we had lunch at Island Grill. This is a Jamaican chain restaurant where you can get jerked chicken, barbecue chicken, soup and some other Jamaican dishes.

The last interesting I did was attend one of the Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts final shows. It was bloody amazing! There is so much young talent in Jamaica. There was this drummer  (Big up Makiri anyweh him deh!) there and he was definitely a show stopper. Shida, Denni and I were late (of course) but we enjoyed the parts we caught.

That’s basically it. It’s so good to be home!



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