Shot by Love

How do you love?
I asked the universe.
She replied “from a distance
With a shield
To protect you from the
Bullets of the battlefield.”

And what if that fails?
“Then be prepared to be hit
Straight through the heart
By a poisonous dart”

Does it hurt?
“Well some darts are fake
And can take a while
To differentiate.
While some are real and
It’s a pity that both
Venoms feel the same”

How will I know?

Inspired by Shot by Love by Protoje


Broken Heart Recipe

Okay, I’ll start.
I have all the ingredients to make
The Broken Heart.
First you take a teaspoon of love
The finest quality gifted from above.
Then you add a dash of time,
A little of yours but mostly mine. 
Next is a memory or two
Of all the adventures I’ve had with you
Mix them all together and then you pour
All the contents on the floor