5 Ways to Steal My Heart

Here are five ways to steal my heart.

1) Challenge me. I like someone who can pick my brain and prove me wrong. A mini pet peeve of mine is when someone lets me win. I am unnecessarily competitive and I think that someone who challenges me is helping me to become better at whatever task is at hand.

2) Understand me. I am an only child. I grew up learning how to entertain myself and I’ve learned to appreciate alone time as a result. I love going out with friends, but sometimes all I want to do is stay in a room by myself and do whatever I want.

3) Feed me. I’m not joking. Give me food, and I’ll love you forever.


4) Cuddle with me. I wouldn’t say I’m a touchy feely person but I do fancy random hugs. I don’t mean those awkward side hugs; I like the close, warm, I-haven’t-seen-you-in-forever hugs

5) Talk to me. I love deep conversations. We could be talking about the colour of the sky or who invented the television, whatever it is, simple or complex I love thought provoking conversations.

As you can see, I’m really not that hard to woo, I promise.



Use Your Words

I’m finding in my old age (says the 21 year old) that I’m becoming increasingly better at holding conversations. A great conversation skill is being able to state your point, defend it, acknowledge that people have different opinions and respect opposing opinions.

I like a good debate. It keeps me on my toes and provides great mental exercise.
Picture for a moment a game of tennis. It would be a boring if your opponent refused to serve the ball because they didn’t feel like playing. Imagine them purposefully wacking the ball into the net to cut the game short. What if they deliberately hit the ball outside of the lines so you win?


Annoyed? Well, it’s the same way with a conversation. Stop changing the topic by saying you don’t want to argue. Don’t stop in the middle or agree with the other person just because you want the conversation to end. A disagreement is not an argument. How is your conversation partner supposed to know what you’re thinking if you keep quiet?


One of the things wrong with the world is that we don’t say what we want to say for the  sake of peace and sanity. What we don’t realise is that when we bottle these things up they slowly eat away at us and that is what we should be avoiding .

I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom, Always say what’s on your mind, and don’t beat around the bush #StopBushAbuse2017.



How I Became a Man Stealer

Kids can be so cruel! I was reflecting on my childhood years the other day and one experience stood out in my memories.

Every summer my parents sent me to some summer camp or the other to keep me occupied for a few hours in the day. When I was seven they sent me to Achiever’s Summer Camp. My first day there I realised two students from my school, Boy and Girl, were there as well. I knew no one else. Well, my seven year old self was incredibly shy so I clung to those two people until the instructor assigned seats and separated us.

We were eventually reunited and I continued talking to Boy, who was one of my best friends at school. During the lunch break, I tried as hard as I could to make friends, but no one would talk to me and I couldn’t figure out why. I wasn’t too bothered because I still had Boy and Girl, but unfortunately,  they only stayed for the first two weeks of the four week program. Fake friends!


The third week I was alone and the other kids still would not talk to me. I was eventually informed that when the teacher separated Boy, Girl and I on the first day, Evil Girl (this is the actual name on her birth certificate) declared that Boy was her boyfriend. When Boy and I were reunited, she came to the conclusion that I had stolen him from her. She then made it her life’s mission to tell all the other children in our class not to speak with me because I was a boyfriend stealer.


Looking back, I’m curious as to what an 8 year old knew about boyfriend stealing. I know what you’re saying, maybe she was joking. Right? I can assure you she was not. Four years later our paths crossed again and I kid you not, she still called me a boyfriend stealer.

This was definitely one of the strangest experiences on my life. In case you are wondering,  I am not a boyfriend stealer!