Are we becoming too sensitive?

A recent trend on Twitter has been the question: “What is Twitter angry about today?” This not-a-joke joke emerged as it seemed every day there was some grand, world ending debate going on. We’d be in a huff about everything from standards of equality right through to the superiority of one music genre to another. At the end of the day someone makes an ass out of themselves and the discussion topic disappears for a few days or months. Missed it the first time round? That’s just fine, because you can rest assured that it will rear its ugly head several times in your lifetime. Everyone has to get a piece of the pie right?

All of this has me wondering, are we becoming too sensitive? In my cultural class the professor invited two Muslim women with slightly different beliefs to speak to the class. A common thread in their stories was how some people were often afraid to approach them, and those who did were afraid to offend them by asking them questions.

Isn’t it funny how our attempts to be politically correct are hindering our chances at making friendships and meaningful cultural exchanges? We’re so hung up on our differences that we forget we are all human beings trying to navigate this overly complicated world.

An example brought up in the class discussion was how we’ve moved away from saying Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays because not everyone celebrates Christmas. Our guest speakers mentioned how they would often respond to Happy Holiday wishes by saying Merry Christmas. For them, the focus is not on which holiday is being celebrated but on the wishes of happiness.

At the end of the day, if you look at how different cultures celebrate their holidays, family, friends and food are often at the core. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, we’re more similar than we think we are. Yes, our differences contribute to the beauty of the world but it’s full time we realised our similarities are what connect us to each other.


I hope this is what you needed to hear today. Go out and bridge the culture gap!

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Good Bye New York, Hello North Carolina Pt.II

Welcome back friends! Not sure how you got here? You can find Pt.I here.

We piled all of our stuff into the rental car, programmed the GPS, and we were off. We would be at our hotel in 10 minutes. Our GPS’s name is Nuri by the way because my family names everything. Anywho, daddy opted against updating Nuri before we left home because he did it in May when he came to my graduation. Not much could change in 4 months right?


We’re driving along and we’re on a highway that Nuri doesn’t recognise. Now she a work overtime and a recalculate out hell and we a drive pon a road weh lead to God he knows where. We decide to get off at the the next exit so we kept going; ever ready for an adventure.

The further we go along this highway though, I’m noticing less and less cars until, I kid you not, it’s just us. Never before have I encountered a highway with just one car. A wah dis? We finally make it to an exit and by this time our ETA is 40 minutes. I assess our surroundings and mi feel mi hawt drop right dung a mi belly bottom.

If I thought I was in country before, Ha! Friends, there were tractors. Tractors!!! Naturally, I start panicking. I have an iron-tight grip on the arm rest and my breathing is shallow. My eyes are darting from one side of the road to the other. This was how I would die. As far as I was concerned, there was a snake seconds away from infiltrating our car.

Never in the history of ever has telling a person to calm down ever aided that person in calming down but that’s exactly what my mother did. She gave me no choice… I bit her head off. She has since recovered.

I soon realised that snakes would be the least of my worries. The trees we passed were covered in huge ass spider webs. Whatever mek dem web deh, cudda draw weh smaddy. I did not sign up for this. These are the kinds of things schools should put in their brochures!


What the hell is that?

Nuri eventually guided us the hotel. It was in a heavily populated area with an abundance of cars. I knew I’d be safe there for the night so I knocked right out. It has been two weeks since and thankfully, there hasn’t been any snake sightings.

Phobias are exhausting.

Stay tuned for more adventures!

By the way, check out my new logo!!!

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Calm the Hell Down

I’m sitting here at the end of my second week of grad school. So far I’ve been juggling  a 12-hour work week, a couple random 3-hour long meetings that keep popping up out of nowhere, 5 3-hour long classes, and all the required readings for these classes. During orientation week all of my professors made it clear this would be the worst year of my life and I’m starting to see they weren’t kidding.

I’m starting to feel understandably stressed. I didn’t think too much of it til this Wednesday one of my professors mentioned that long term chronic stress increases the risk of dementia. Let that soak in a bit.

Back in the day when there were dinosaurs and what not, the body would release the hormone cortisol when we were confronted by a T-Rex thereby triggering our fight or flight response and saving our skins. Fast-forward to 2017, the dinosaurs are gone and it’s highly unlikely that we’ll encounter much predators in our daily lives (at least I hope so).

Now cortisol is released when we’re stressed, and we’re stressed a lot. The body doesn’t need such high levels of the hormone and that’s why when we undergo long periods of stress we catch colds and lose or gain weight. Stress is slowly trying to kill us!

All of this was just a round-about way of telling myself and you all, that we need to learn to calm the hell down. Take time out to do the things you love. Can’t think of anything you’d like to do for fun? That’s fine. Try learning something new. Not only will this help relieve your stress, it’s also great exercise for your mind and can lessen your risk for dementia. You could be five or 100; there’s no age limit for finding a new hobby.

This was one of my many take-away messages from this week. I hope this is what someone out there needed to hear today!



Good Bye New York, Hello North Carolina

It’s been forever so I think it’s time for an update. In May, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Communication Science & Disorders and guess what, your girl graduated Summa cum Laude! I worked my butt off so I think I earned the right to brag a little. I’m a smarty pants na-na-na-boo-boo *end brag*.

Well, my four years surely flew by quickly… so quickly that I signed up for two more years! That’s right friends, I’m in graduate school and in true Lexxi-fashion I’m on another adventure, in another state I know nothing about. It worked out fairly well for me in Rochester, save for a few blizzards, so why would I change my ways now?

There was only one thing I needed to know about my new home though, so two weeks before leaving Jamaica, I had a friend google if there were snakes in North Carolina. See, I couldn’t do it myself because Google + “snake” = pictures of snakes and I am not equipped to deal with that kind of negativity.

As luck would have it, not only did North Carolina have snakes, there were apps dedicated to identifying the types snakes in North Carolina. I almost cancelled my enrollment.

You should have seen me in the airport! I smiled at anyone who managed to make eye contact, asked them how long they had lived in the area, then asked if they ever encountered any snakes. My mother disowned me.

The very first person I asked said yes, smiled cheekily and then said at the zoo. Mi did wah gih her a rahtid lik but mi nay wah dem dip mi. Everyone else reassured me that snakes were only in the country areas.

Well imagine my surprise when I stepped out of the airport, looked around and saw nothing but road and bush. But nuh country dis?

To be continued!

Well mi cudn tell yuh di whole story one time! Come back nex time for more :)!