Of Trees, Greens and Royalty

Unnuh see da tweet yah?


This is why I have trust issues.  Nuhbadi cya tell mi seh on October 23,2017, Royal Blu neva done set fi drop him EP exactly one month later. At any rate, the poll done show seh di fans did wah di EP. I wanted more live shows because Blu eva a set him show dem fi when I’m not in the country (I’m not bitter) but the EP will suffice.

The project was produced by Foresta and I’m liking what I’ve been seeing so far. This isn’t the first time the two have worked together either! Back in 2016, one of Foresta’s friends introduced him to some of Blu’s music and the two have been producing gems ever since. Check out their song “Believe” it’s one of my favourites.

So, about a week ago, Royal Blu released the first single, “SinG with God”; a collaboration with Runkus. It could have been the dance references, the steady pulse, the classic Blu and Runkus combination or all of the above, whatever it was, I had this song on repeat for an embarrassingly long time. I promised myself  I wouldn’t write a review until the entire project was out.  Well, a promise is a comfort to a fool and me a di bigges’ eediat. When “Blu Mahoe” was released, I lost all restraint and here we are…

“Blu Mahoe” isn’t the kind of song you listen to passively. The Royal Blu packed metaphors, imagery, themes, cultural appreciation, a motivational speech, a social commentary and a history class all in a 4-minute long song. This is what we call edutainment.

It’s easy to see the level of thought that went into penning this song. The very title “Blu Mahoe” is a testament to Blu’s love for his country, and is his way of identifying himself as a person who is rooted in his Jamaicaness. In this song, the Blue Mahoe, Jamaica’s national tree, serves as the artiste’s muse. He interweaves the tree motif throughout the entire song to show the importance of knowing and appreciating our Jamaican roots.

Every time I listen to this song, I hear something new, but here are a few of my favourite lines so far:

I can tell you I am safer with the trees, I am never acapella, it’s the making of a beat. Clever with the weather and the shaking of the leaves.

This is Blu’s way of popping the collar of Jamaicans near and far for being awesome, rhythmic and musical beings. Bless up!

Perfection is perception.

This line is repeated throughout the song to acknowledge that not everyone will see the beauty in Jamaica as Blu does.

Funny how unnatural the natural seem, when the winds of change never blow nuh change on the blackest leaves.

Here, we are reminded that while globally, things have changed, racism, colourism, and the signs of slavery are still very much present.

Yup, that’s all for now folks! Like what you see so far? The EP will be out on November 24th, but feel free to pre-order your copy now with this link!


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Midnight Mutterings

Loose strings.

Broken wings.

Frayed beings,

afraid of being.

And I’ve been thinking

of all these things.

Must be thin skin.

Insecurities built in.

Always have been,

and all they bring

is constant sinking

into a big bin.

Played out violin.

Wait something’s missing.

Weight of fears and sin.

The tears begin.

So it appears,

crystal clear

that we’re all here

and life’s unfair,

but we don’t care.

Do we?

Sue me,

For thoughts unholy.

Just trying to show the

picture wholly.


Don’t try to hold me


All this baggage to unpack.

Scrap that.

Just tough chat.



til we find

peace of mind.


Music Lover

I have the greatest friends enuh. Just need you all to know that I love each and every one of you. Please continue sending me new songs to listen to. I truly appreciate it.

This week my friend introduced me to “Music Lover” By Kim Gebriel. A song ever hit you in the right places yet? I need you all to give it a listen. I deven have the words fi fully describe how di song move me. I need this woman fi bus on a major level. Mah beg unnu duh, jus listen it, like it and share it. Leggo career!


Weh yuh seh? You want more? Check her out on Soundcloud.

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Lila Ike Pon Dem

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Have you experienced the gem that is Lila Ike? Yes? No? Well, either way, grab your favourite pair of earphones and let’s dive into sweet reggae bliss. Follow mi now…

I first encountered Lila at Heart in the Art a little over a year ago. Royal Blu called her on stage to perform their song “Believe” and introduced her as his favourite songbird. What a girl can sing. Mi seh, she coulda sing about a potato and her voice woulda still be captivating.


She’s a heck of a writer too! Dreamchasers everywhere can find her first single “Biggest Fan” relatable, I beg yuh check it out fi mi deh This song tells the story of Lila’s mother’s hesitation towards allowing her to pursue a career in music and shows how her mother eventually became her biggest supporter.

Now, let’s take a minute to discuss her most recent release, “Gotti Gotti”.


If you have made it this far in life without your granny saying “Wanty-wanty nuh getty and getty-getty nuh wanty” then you need to hit the re-do button, because you did life wrong. The proverb essentially means that those with the greatest need never get the things they want and those with an abundance no longer see or appreciate the value of their possessions. Ovas? Good!

In the song, Lila Ike says: “You gotti-gotti but yuh eva wah wah.” She puts her twist on the above proverb to highlight the greed that plagues Jamaica. “Gotti Gotti”, in a nutshell, brings to the surface the tactics used by the wealthy to keep their pockets fat whilst selfishly disregarding the needs of the poor. When Lila says: “When yuh flossin’ wid yuh bloodymoney roun’ di nation” she hints at the corruption in the country while she simultaneously tips her hat to her mentor, Protoje.

Speaking of Mr. Ancient Future, this song shows us exactly why Lila Ike is a part of the Indiggnation Collective. Indignation means anger that is provoked by unjust treatment and with “Gotti Gotti” Lila Ike drape up Babylon ganzie good and propa. Well done!

I can’t wait to hear more magic from Lila and her team. Singles, EP, mixtape or album, sen’ dem all because di fan dem ready! Until then, listen to all of the above songs, lemme know what you think and I’ll see you next time.

Photo Credit: Universal Reggae

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