Lila Ike Pon Dem

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Have you experienced the gem that is Lila Ike? Yes? No? Well, either way, grab your favourite pair of earphones and let’s dive into sweet reggae bliss. Follow mi now…

I first encountered Lila at Heart in the Art a little over a year ago. Royal Blu called her on stage to perform their song “Believe” and introduced her as his favourite songbird. What a girl can sing. Mi seh, she coulda sing about a potato and her voice woulda still be captivating.


She’s a heck of a writer too! Dreamchasers everywhere can find her first single “Biggest Fan” relatable, I beg yuh check it out fi mi deh This song tells the story of Lila’s mother’s hesitation towards allowing her to pursue a career in music and shows how her mother eventually became her biggest supporter.

Now, let’s take a minute to discuss her most recent release, “Gotti Gotti”.


If you have made it this far in life without your granny saying “Wanty-wanty nuh getty and getty-getty nuh wanty” then you need to hit the re-do button, because you did life wrong. The proverb essentially means that those with the greatest need never get the things they want and those with an abundance no longer see or appreciate the value of their possessions. Ovas? Good!

In the song, Lila Ike says: “You gotti-gotti but yuh eva wah wah.” She puts her twist on the above proverb to highlight the greed that plagues Jamaica. “Gotti Gotti”, in a nutshell, brings to the surface the tactics used by the wealthy to keep their pockets fat whilst selfishly disregarding the needs of the poor. When Lila says: “When yuh flossin’ wid yuh bloodymoney roun’ di nation” she hints at the corruption in the country while she simultaneously tips her hat to her mentor, Protoje.

Speaking of Mr. Ancient Future, this song shows us exactly why Lila Ike is a part of the Indiggnation Collective. Indignation means anger that is provoked by unjust treatment and with “Gotti Gotti” Lila Ike drape up Babylon ganzie good and propa. Well done!

I can’t wait to hear more magic from Lila and her team. Singles, EP, mixtape or album, sen’ dem all because di fan dem ready! Until then, listen to all of the above songs, lemme know what you think and I’ll see you next time.

Photo Credit: Universal Reggae

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