Planes, Tarmac & Automobiles Pt. 3

Welcome back! In case you’re lost, check out part 2 here!

We got back to the gate and as we deplaned the gate agent told us the flight was not canceled and that they were trying to find us a new crew. She respectfully asked us all to be seated and said she would give us an update as soon as she heard back from the control tower.

She pulled over a cart of water and food boxes. I took one of each. The box contained some salami slice thing, craisins, some questionable looking hummus, cookies and wheat thins. I ate the salami slice with the Wheat Thins to keep my hanger in check. I sat there for an hour before the gate agent came up and said:

The flight has not been canceled, but I heard there were some of you interested in driving to Florida instead. I would like for those persons to come and collect their luggage.

By now mah get weh inna some Craisins and she chimes in over the intercom with:

We have some alternate flights to West Palm Beach if anyone is interested, please come and see me.

Now I’m wondering how she over deh a announce alternate flight and this one nuh cancel. Sumn neva add up. I washed down the Craisins wid likkl water and marched up to the counter ongle fi hear seh the flight canceled. She claim seh she announce it but none of the people sitting down heard. She directed me towards customer service so I could see my options.

Fam, I walked to customer service and joined a line that was longer than my whole existence on earth. Mi seriously didda consider buying 3 inna cashpot becaus’n seh I spent 3 hours on the plane, deplaned, spent another 3 hours on the plane, deplaned again, my phone was on 3% and then I spent another 3 hours in line at customer service. THREE. HOURS. IN. LINE.

While in line I found out that 400 flights had been canceled and I was shook. Friends, it snowed all of 10 minutes and big-big Hartsfield- Jackson came to a screeching halt.

I finally walked up to the counter and ask when was the soonest they could get me on a flight to Ft. Lauderdale.

Attendant: I can put you on a stand-by list for a flight scheduled to leave tomorrow at 9am

Me: How many of the people before me did you put on stand-by

Attendant: *Silence*

Me: What are my chances of actually leaving on that flight

Attendant: *Shakes head*

Me: What’s my other option?

Attendant: The soonest non-stand-by flight leaves on Sunday


By now I’m all types of stressed, tired, hungry, and annoyed. So I start crying, at least I think I was crying, to this day I’m not sure. What I think happened is that I’m so unused to crying it’s like my body forgot how to do it so, a single tear escaped from my left eye and the little bugger decided to fall in my eye. My eye was like, what is this foreign substance? So it started burning like hell and my body went into shock or something and didn’t know how to respond. I basically stopped crying after that first tear but my eye just kept burning so my left eye just kept tearing up.

Me: Listen, I just want to get to Jamaica, what are my options?

Attendant: You’d have to buy a new ticket

Me: Okay, how much is the soonest flight to Kingston?

Attendant: $700.

Me: Let’s not do that. What else you have? I need something that’s $500 or less.

Attendant: I don’t have that, well actually let me check flights to Montego Bay! Alright, I have one to Montego Bay for $499.

Me: Yes!

So I whipped out the emergency credit card. I’d explain to mommy and daddy once I found a spot to charge my phone. I paid for my ticket, asked for a blanket.

Now that I was going home for real by body finally started to relax. Can I be real with you guys for a minute? I think we’re at that level now. See, I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables so I’m really regular. Like two times a day regular. Well, I left Greensboro at 5am on Friday morning and it was now 10pm on Friday night. Stress was no longer an issue so… I needed to go!

Let’s stop there. Tune in next time for more adventures at the airport!

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Planes, Tarmac & Automobiles Pt. 2

Welcome back! In case you’re lost, check out part 1 here!

The captain was true to his word and he continued to check in with us and each time he came his message was worse than the first.

First: Hey folks, just checking in with you as promised. I have no new info for you so we’re still looking at leaving the gate in 2 hours

Thirty minutes later: We have just been notified that they are not allowing southbound flights to be de-iced.

An hour into the wait: If everyone gets seated right now we have been given the go-ahead to leave the gate.

We all sat and nothing happened.

Panic set in. I called my dad to let him know I would be missing my connecting flight to Jamaica. He immediately started calling every relative and family friend he knew in Ft. Lauderdale to see if I could stay with them overnight. He then put my ticket to Jamaica on hold so it could be reused at a later date. Finally, he found me a flight home for Saturday morning.

Two hours into our wait: We have left the plane door open. We are not holding you hostage. You may leave at any time but if you choose to leave you will have to take your boarding pass and all of your bags with you. If we get the go-ahead to be de-iced we will leave you. *rolls eyes*

By now, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I would not be getting home until in the morning and Bounty couldn’t chat to mi! Mi did crawss, hangry, miserable and heverything in-between. 

At the three hour mark: Alright ladies and gentlemen, we cannot hold you on this flight any longer. We’re going to let you deplane, grab something to eat, use the bathroom and we will call you back to board the plane in about 15 minutes.


We reboard in an orderly fashion and the captain says: We are second in line to leave the gate to join the line to be de-iced.

This time he held true to his words. The doors were closed, we had the pushback and we were on our way.

“I’ll believe it when we’re in the sky” was muttered throughout the craft.

I kid you not friends, I was sitting in plane traffic as planes lined up nose to tail on the tarmac. We were in plane traffic and at the 2.5-hour mark since we reboarded the plane the captain chimed in:

“Well folks we are currently 9th in line to be de-iced. The plan was for us to leave the gate and head straight to be de-iced and then be on our merry way to Ft. Lauderdale. That did not happen and we are fast approaching the time for my co-pilot and me to time out. We will stay in line for another 20 minutes but if we are not de-iced by then we will have to take you back to the gate.”

Now I need to contact daddy to let him know I will not be making it to Florida tonight either so he can tell his friend not to wait up for me. Data nah rerk! I text my friends my parent’s number and ask them to notify mommy and daddy of my current situation. (Shout out to Alli, Casey and Cece for all the help xoxox).

20 minutes later we left the line and guh back a di gate like poor ting.

Weh mahguh duh in Atlanta?

I think I’ll stop here… part 3 will be coming at you shortly (for real this time).

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