Bucket List

I’ve always wanted to create a bucket list and my attempts in the past always went missing… or stopped at 25 because I couldn’t think of 76 more things I wanted to do before I kicked the bucket. So today October 6, 2014 I’m starting my official bucket list and I’ll add to it as I think of things I’d like to do. Let’s see how long this list gets or better yet how many things I’ll accomplish.

New Rule: Once it’s on the list I cannot remove it!

  1. Go to an Ed Sheeran Concert
  2. Go to another Ed Sheeran Concert
  3. Meet Ed Sheeran
  4. Get a tattoo
  5. Become a Pescetarian
  6. Learn to play the Bass Guitar
  7. Tour of Europe
  8. Welcome to Jamrock Cruise
  9. Meet Shaggy
  10. More piercings x_x
  11. Get married ( not too sure about the husband part yet but I know I want a wedding :D)
  12. Be flexible
  13. Open a REAL music store in Jamaica
  14. Own a vinyl record player
  15. Spend time in a Spanish Speaking country
  16. See/ Ride an elephant
  17. Touch a real giraffe
  18. Meet Tarrus Riley
  19. Become a better drummer
  20. Try Photography
  21. Healthy and Lengthy Hair
  22. Start a Charity
  23. Laugh More
  24. Keep Laughing
  25. Become Fluent in Spanish
  26. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up
  27. Kids
  28. Get 100 followers on KultureShocked
  29. Hold a musical reasoning with someone in a band
  30. Become Fluent in ASL
  31. Dance on a Treadmill
  32. Meet a Marley
  33. Graduate
  34. Graduate again
  35. Embroider a Blanket
  36. Work globally
  37. Salsa in Cuba
  38. Make my own outfit
  39. Try acting

Last updated September 4, 2017

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