Lessons from Mommy

Where all my Nintendo 64 users at? You’re in the middle of an amazing race in Mario Kart and the game freezes, what do you do? That’s right! Take out the cartridge, hit it a couple of times, blow it, put it back in, restart and: “Welcome to Mario Kart!” Well, after two intense weeks of studying for midterms I was a suck-out bag juice and I needed someone to hit restart. That someone was my mommy!

Mommy and I  spent time playing phone-tag this weekend but when we finally connected, we were on the phone for two hours talking about everything and nothing at the same time. I hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time and that was exactly what I needed. She finally signed up for the floral arrangement course she’d been thinking about since I left for college four years ago. I told her I was proud of her for trying something new and joked that she learned it from me. That’s when it dawned on me that I had actually gotten it from her.

My mom grew up in a poor family and even though she wanted to be adventurous she simply could not afford it. She promised herself that her children would have the life she wanted growing up and she saw that through. I had my first dance class when I was four and I always had some sort of non-academic program every year since I was 6. These included cooking classes, art classes, foreign language classes and my personal favourite, music classes at Edna Manley College. I even went to cricket camp where I realised I was not made for sports.

In my household, getting good grades was very important but my mom taught me there was more to this world than work. She planted in me a desire to try new things and watered it every opportunity she got. Now, I fertilise the product of her hard work frequently by seeking out opportunities for adventures. I’ve taken up ceramics, latin dancing, and drumming, and each activity came with a new set of challenges that made the hard work I put in totally worth it. I have an evergrowing bucket list of things I will try eventually and I promise to take you all on the journey with me.

I would like to challenge you all to try something that scares you. Promise me you will stick to it even if you think you are terrible at it. You will grow, you will improve and your confidence will increase. We all need to find that one thing we absolutely love that can let the light in our darkest days. Wi cya jus a gwan an a guh suh. There’s more to life than the 9-5.

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Royal Flush

Before I posted this poem, I sent it to a few of my friends and they all thought I was throwing shade at someone. I laughed and told them that was not the case. I’m still not sure they believe me. However I now feel compelled to share with you the honest origin of this poem.

I was scrolling through Instagram and found a user by the name of “Let me fix my crown”. I thought it was a brilliant name and as I was walking to class the first few lines of the poem wrote themselves. I took on the persona of an angry woman tired of degrading pick up lines, played with rhymes and had a little too much fun. This is the end result. Enjoy !


Excuse me?
Let me fix my crown real quick.
Mr. Suave, Mr. Slick, Mr. Boombastic.
With Jokers in abundance,
you can take your pick.
Go fetch!
Never mind, you can keep that stick.
‘Cause you must be a dog,
or a frog or a hog,
to be talking to me with that dialogue.
Hold on!
What is the matter with you?
Biting off more than you could possibly chew.
Sweetheart, just how old are you?
Because you must be under the age of two.
Before I get too upset
and say something that I’ll regret
I have an important lesson for you
my pet.
I think it’s time you learned
that respect is earned
because you’re playing with fire
and you will get burned!


World’s Dumbest Criminal

There I was, minding my business.
When you came along.
There were no chains
No padlocks there.
No fear of being hurt
Again and again.
So then, sir- if you don’t mind me asking,
Why did you see the need to steal my heart?
I was doing just fine until you came along
With your smooth song,
confident airs and
no fear of the unknown.
No sir, in fact you loved it.
You taught me to love it.
You took me on your adventures to Neverland.
I thought they’d never end.
We were soaring and I thought we’d never land.
But we soon came crashing down.
No parahute.
The tighter I held you, the further you’d drift away.
And you drifted away.
We drifted away.
And now, the cold sets in quickly on the spot where you rested
…or did the warmth just fade away.
Was it ever there?
I got too comfortable too quickly.
In love with the thought of having you
and still you left just as quickly as you came in the start.
Why, good sir, did you see the need to steal my heart?


What’s Real?

Sometimes I wonder
Am I real?
Or am I just the pawn 
of a god who does what he feels?
Am I a character in a story
while he holds the pen
And decides
what happens to who,
where it happens and when.
Or is it all left to chance
And luck?
And the Big Guy up there
Doesn’t give
A hoot .


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I’ve been having trouble sleeping the past few nights and this is the end result.


I woke up
Searching for Something.
Something wasn’t mine.
Something didnt belong to me
but I thought Something was going to stay.

I realise now that
that urge,
my yearning for Something
will soon fade away,
leaving something else in its place.

something I cannot see,
something I cannot touch,
something I feel.
And deep down I know
this is the way it was
meant to go.
The rain will fall
and it will continue to snow,
and I will learn
To let somethings go

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