5 Ways to Steal My Heart

Here are five ways to steal my heart.

1) Challenge me. I like someone who can pick my brain and prove me wrong. A mini pet peeve of mine is when someone lets me win. I am unnecessarily competitive and I think that someone who challenges me is helping me to become better at whatever task is at hand.

2) Understand me. I am an only child. I grew up learning how to entertain myself and I’ve learned to appreciate alone time as a result. I love going out with friends, but sometimes all I want to do is stay in a room by myself and do whatever I want.

3) Feed me. I’m not joking. Give me food, and I’ll love you forever.


4) Cuddle with me. I wouldn’t say I’m a touchy feely person but I do fancy random hugs. I don’t mean those awkward side hugs; I like the close, warm, I-haven’t-seen-you-in-forever hugs

5) Talk to me. I love deep conversations. We could be talking about the colour of the sky or who invented the television, whatever it is, simple or complex I love thought provoking conversations.

As you can see, I’m really not that hard to woo, I promise.



Welcome to my Heart

For anyone who has ever been in an unhealthy relationship.


Welcome to my heart.
A beautiful work of art
with dinks and dents
from places you bent
with stitched and patches
still I rise from the ashes

Much stronger than before.
You cannot hurt me anymore.
With fire in my eyes,
now I realise
My order of love is due
and I can’t get it from you


World’s Dumbest Criminal

There I was, minding my business.
When you came along.
There were no chains
No padlocks there.
No fear of being hurt
Again and again.
So then, sir- if you don’t mind me asking,
Why did you see the need to steal my heart?
I was doing just fine until you came along
With your smooth song,
confident airs and
no fear of the unknown.
No sir, in fact you loved it.
You taught me to love it.
You took me on your adventures to Neverland.
I thought they’d never end.
We were soaring and I thought we’d never land.
But we soon came crashing down.
No parahute.
The tighter I held you, the further you’d drift away.
And you drifted away.
We drifted away.
And now, the cold sets in quickly on the spot where you rested
…or did the warmth just fade away.
Was it ever there?
I got too comfortable too quickly.
In love with the thought of having you
and still you left just as quickly as you came in the start.
Why, good sir, did you see the need to steal my heart?


You Take My Breath Away

Take a deep breath
Hold it
I just want you to feel the way I do
Everytime I see you.
No, don’t exhale.
Feel that?
The panic sets in as I try to find the right words to open your heart’s door
Heart rate increases
You have it easy.
If you held it long enough,  you’d be at my third symptom-
I breathe deeper and longer, letting air fill the spaces left by words unsaid