Calm the Hell Down

I’m sitting here at the end of my second week of grad school. So far I’ve been juggling  a 12-hour work week, a couple random 3-hour long meetings that keep popping up out of nowhere, 5 3-hour long classes, and all the required readings for these classes. During orientation week all of my professors made it clear this would be the worst year of my life and I’m starting to see they weren’t kidding.

I’m starting to feel understandably stressed. I didn’t think too much of it til this Wednesday one of my professors mentioned that long term chronic stress increases the risk of dementia. Let that soak in a bit.

Back in the day when there were dinosaurs and what not, the body would release the hormone cortisol when we were confronted by a T-Rex thereby triggering our fight or flight response and saving our skins. Fast-forward to 2017, the dinosaurs are gone and it’s highly unlikely that we’ll encounter much predators in our daily lives (at least I hope so).

Now cortisol is released when we’re stressed, and we’re stressed a lot. The body doesn’t need such high levels of the hormone and that’s why when we undergo long periods of stress we catch colds and lose or gain weight. Stress is slowly trying to kill us!

All of this was just a round-about way of telling myself and you all, that we need to learn to calm the hell down. Take time out to do the things you love. Can’t think of anything you’d like to do for fun? That’s fine. Try learning something new. Not only will this help relieve your stress, it’s also great exercise for your mind and can lessen your risk for dementia. You could be five or 100; there’s no age limit for finding a new hobby.

This was one of my many take-away messages from this week. I hope this is what someone out there needed to hear today!



5 Ways to Steal My Heart

Here are five ways to steal my heart.

1) Challenge me. I like someone who can pick my brain and prove me wrong. A mini pet peeve of mine is when someone lets me win. I am unnecessarily competitive and I think that someone who challenges me is helping me to become better at whatever task is at hand.

2) Understand me. I am an only child. I grew up learning how to entertain myself and I’ve learned to appreciate alone time as a result. I love going out with friends, but sometimes all I want to do is stay in a room by myself and do whatever I want.

3) Feed me. I’m not joking. Give me food, and I’ll love you forever.


4) Cuddle with me. I wouldn’t say I’m a touchy feely person but I do fancy random hugs. I don’t mean those awkward side hugs; I like the close, warm, I-haven’t-seen-you-in-forever hugs

5) Talk to me. I love deep conversations. We could be talking about the colour of the sky or who invented the television, whatever it is, simple or complex I love thought provoking conversations.

As you can see, I’m really not that hard to woo, I promise.



Use Your Words

I’m finding in my old age (says the 21 year old) that I’m becoming increasingly better at holding conversations. A great conversation skill is being able to state your point, defend it, acknowledge that people have different opinions and respect opposing opinions.

I like a good debate. It keeps me on my toes and provides great mental exercise.
Picture for a moment a game of tennis. It would be a boring if your opponent refused to serve the ball because they didn’t feel like playing. Imagine them purposefully wacking the ball into the net to cut the game short. What if they deliberately hit the ball outside of the lines so you win?


Annoyed? Well, it’s the same way with a conversation. Stop changing the topic by saying you don’t want to argue. Don’t stop in the middle or agree with the other person just because you want the conversation to end. A disagreement is not an argument. How is your conversation partner supposed to know what you’re thinking if you keep quiet?


One of the things wrong with the world is that we don’t say what we want to say for the  sake of peace and sanity. What we don’t realise is that when we bottle these things up they slowly eat away at us and that is what we should be avoiding .

I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom, Always say what’s on your mind, and don’t beat around the bush #StopBushAbuse2017.



Casual Sex

I’m a firm believer that everyone has a right to do whatever they want to with their body. If you want to die a virgin, save yourself for marriage, participate in polygamy that is up to you to decide and no one has any right to tell you to do otherwise.

Personally, I do not think I was made for casual sex. I’m not sure if five years from now my opinion will change. However, I am currently of the belief that there is more to life than just sex. I refuse to think that my purpose in life is to chauffeur one organ around the world after receiving a call at 1 am. Then after an hour long rain dance, I, a mere chaperon will have to clean my ward and take her home where she can rest and rejuvenate until she is summoned once more by some lonely soul at an ungodly hour in the morning .

What I’m trying to say is I need mental, emotional and spiritual stimulation in this life. If physical stimulation is all this life has to offer I might as well just off myself right here right now. I find that whenever I say this, I get looked at like I have three heads. Are my choices the minority? Am I being too naive? Has this always been the case or was I born a decade or two too late?

I’m genuinely curious, what do you think?