Weekly Doodles: Dreams

The word for the week was “Dreams”. I’ve shared before how I wanted to eventually open a music store in Jamaica. This post gave me an opportunity to revisit the idea. Hopefully if I keep it at the forefront of my mind I won’t forget or give up on it. I dug a little deeper than just the thought of wanting to open a music store; I started thinking of names. I’ve come up with three names so far but as to not take away from my amazing artwork (giggles), I’ll probably make another post about that… eventually. One of the names I came up with is featured in this doodle!


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Weekly Doodle: Acceptance

The word of the week is “Acceptance“. I define self-acceptance as being able to love what you see in the mirror, be it thin, thick, freckles, pale, dark chocolate whatever you see, love yourself for who you are! You are beautiful and I’ll beat up anyone who tells you otherwise… but not really cuz I have two left feet!