The Collection

Growing up I always wanted to have a collection just for the heck of it. Now a 19 year old I am proud to begin my collection. What took me so long? The answer is simple; there wasn’t  anything I was interested in enough to collect really. Well I started a coin collection once and it’s somewhere in my room but everyone has stopped traveling to strange places given the state of the economy so that collection just died. However, for the past three years my love for music has grown and that’s what I’ll collect. That’s a very broad  category so I’ll start out with pictures I’ve taken with my favourite musicians and see where that takes me.

2014-08-16 00.13.17

Took this picture Summer 2014 with Keznamdi after he did his set at the One Love Cafe

2014-06-17 23.09.08

Taken Summer 2014 at Triple Century (from left: Kumar, me and Pele). Both men are members of the band Raging Fyah. This was after the launch of their second album ‘Destiny’.

2014-07-11 22.19.12

Took this picture of No Maddz Summer 2014. They were the main act at the first One Love Cafe Friday Jam Session I went to. I’m kind of cheating with this one. See I’ve seen this group perform so many times that I’ve lost count. I’m pretty sure that I took a picture with them at some point but lord knows where it is. So maybe this is just a space filler until I find it but who knows.


This picture was just a lucky coincidence. My friend was having a little get together at a sports bar called Ribis. It just so happened that the band Skygrass was launching their new music video for their song I Am King. Shida and I bought their album, got it signed and took pictures with Simon, the leadsinger. His hair is amazing!


This is another pic that was taken in Summer 2014 after Jesse Royal’s show at Base Kingston. The gentleman beside me is the talented and Lyrical Kabaka Pyramid. I’m glad he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves.


Took this picture about a week ago after Live from Kingston with this songbird Sevana.


Took this picture December 23,2014 with one of my favourite Reggae singers, Tarrus Riley. The event was Tarrus Riley and Friends and the line-up was incredible and the best part is that it was free :).

Rashida 20140607_231747

This picture was also taken at Jesse Royal’s show at Base Kingston with the man of the night. Isn’t he gorgeous?!?!


I’m cheating with this picture too. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of myself with Protoje but I did take this picture so that must count for something. This one was also from Jesse’s show 🙂



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